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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kephart Wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I actually met Doug and Megan at a mutal friend's wedding. As it turns out, Megan was about a week behind me in my pregnancy annnnd another couple across the table from us was 6 months pregnant and didn't find out until a week later! (Ooops! Suprise!!) Being the facebook nut that I am, I found everyone that sat with us and Megan and I have become pretty close thanks to swapping lots of stories about our daughters =)
The love these two have for each other is amazing. I can't tell you how many times that day seeing these two together you just get that fairy tale ending heart squeeze.

Beautiful. Maybe even more so since she's carrying lillies!

Simply gorgeous.

Precious Miss Ryleigh, I would take her home to be Lily's sister any day! I just love her =)

Umm, hello handsome! Back off ladies, he is ALLLL Megan's!

This is what I love about little churches, they have so much character and are so charming.
The woodwork was so neat. On the ceiling were "bricks" with names carved into each one.

The day was extra special...Ryleigh got baptised too!

=) So much affection and the bare foot totally makes it!
Check out the rest of their day!