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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gay Wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Even though Heather and Noel have only been married about 6 months, they have been through a LOT since saying "I do". Sometimes the bad times sneak up on you but rest assured there is still plenty of time to get fun and happiness in there! My heart goes out to you both as you deal with the recent death in the family and other issues. Your family and friends are sending lots of love and prayers your way! Let's take a look back on the day you married your best friend (and we weren't snow and ice covered!)
This was my idea. I wasn't totally sure that Heather and Noel would be on board for a sunflower patch but Heather was super excited (and obviously me too!!) I hadn't seen the sunflower patch in a few years so once we crested the hill the sight took my breath away! Sunflowers as far as the eye can see, just a carpet of yellow on the side of a soft rolling hill!

How gorgeous is some bling blanketed in red rose petals?

Landon was quite the character. I nearly laughed out loud during the ceremony. Why, you ask? He walked down the aisle with the lovely flower girl and the last 3 feet he was running....Daddy had an unwrapped lollipop awaiting!

The pipes in the church are awesome! So striking.
I love the contrast between the pipes and all the first kiss action.

LOTS of bubbles! And it was SOOOOO hot that day! I commend all the groomsmen. I don't know how they managed in tuxes, I was melting in my outfit and it wasn't any where close to being as stuffy as a tux.

I could say so much about this picture (like how awesome everyone looked!) but take a look down in front by the flower girl. Bahahaha!! LOVE IT!


Beautiful, beautiful bride!

Check out the reception!

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