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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miss Lorraine | Pet Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

A while back I "turtle sitted" for my best friend and we had a little photo shoot. Some how the pictures never made it on the blog. they are! My kids were beside themselves as to what "it" was. And for whatever reason, Miss Lorraine makes Izzy drool...alot. Maybe she is smelling turtle soup? I sure hope not!
This just goes to show that you don't have to have fur in order to work it! :P
Get away turtle! Look at Izzy's drool! EW!

Going in for a can see drool smeared across the floor. Goofy dog.

Mr. Jabroni is going in for a look.

Izzy went for another sniff.

I love this picture! Poor Lorraine is getting sniffed from both ends! My furkids were VERY fascinated with Lorraine!
And now...let the photo shoot begin! Bet you can't guess when I turtle sat :)

Who knew Lorraine was a hot Irish Lassy??

She is so proud in her top hat and can't wait to drink some traditional green beer!

These pictures just crack me up!

Time for a wardrob change!

The sun came out so she stretched her neck as far as it would go to soak it all in.

Who said owning a turtle is boring?

Time for her close up! Working the jelly bean carrot... She has very beautiful eyes.He looked at me to see if it was ok to check out Lorraine. She was pushed across the floor some with dog noses and all her legs inside. The poor dogs were stumped! No idea what it is! Smells funny though!

Please note that there was no animal cruelty while these shots were taken. Lorraine was not happy with the bunny ears and I quickly found that out once she pulled all arms and legs in her shell then squirted water out her nose at me! I never knew a turtle did such a thing, but I felt bad that she was upset with me. :( She is ok now and enjoying the last few days of summer.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet Alyssa and Randy | Enagement Photographer, Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

This set of pictures turned out SO cute! I will admit that I was a little nervous because Alyssa and Randy seemed a little awkward through the camera in my opinion. I found out really quite that the camera is nerve racking the close ups that follow. But you can't tell in the photos :) I'm just that good! They are planning on doing the same thing Scott and I did, ceremony at Tri-County and reception at Beechwoods Restaurant and Lounge. The only problem is, the date they picked out is no longer valid since Alyssa will be teaching in Georga on that date summer '09. The wedding is no indefinate, but I am sure they will figure something out and it will all fall into place!
In the mean time, Scott and I tie the knot two months from yesterday! Eeee! It's going to get here SOOO fast! And it will finally sink in that I am a college graduate when I don't have to hit the books this September. It will be a new chapter in life for me and I welcome it with wide open arms! I'd like to do a blog of all the stuff I am using at my wedding...I might sneak one in from the bridal shower with all the decor and stuff. I need to get my event photography up to par :) and figured my bridal shower would be a good start. And speaking of wedding, we got the bridesmaid dresses in on Saturday and I got Scott's tux picked out (CUTE!!) and most of the groomsmen's tux. We just have to go back in with a BM dress and pull some ties and vests out to match. It's all coming together! I am not nervous...yet.
So without further delay, here are Randy and Alyssa's engagement photos!
The half circle on campus at University Park.

I like these photos in black and white much better than color.

And one more :)

I LOVE these ones!! This is where Randy was not so excited to have me up close and personal :)

I feel like I am sneaking a peak :) LOOOVE IT!

Too cute!

I really like this one!

Another at the gazebo.

At Spring Creek Park for a few more...

So cute. I love Spring Creek Park.

I love black and white bling! It just makes it sparkle all the more!

Congratulations Alyssa and Randy! I hope you enjoyed your engagement photos. You have LOTS to choose from! And don't worry about a wedding date, it will all work out! Or if you wait a long time and want new engagement know where to find me :)This one makes me smile. Peaceful. Content.Sunset kisses. These are more of my favorites! I have alot of favorites from this session... Different gazebo!

:) Randy makes the best faces. He looks like a little kid and his favorite stuffed animal. Love love LOVE the photos in the trees!! At the gazebo where Randy proposed. Had I known that at the time I would have made him get down on one knee for a replay! I love Randy's freckles...but I am partial to freckles. SOOO cute!!! At the pond. These are super cute!