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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dog & Jonna Engagement | Engagement Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Jonna works with my Mom at Perkins and heard my Mom and Becky talking about her wedding photos. After seeing Becky's awesome wedding album she decided to try some Monroe Files Photography magic on for size...and she wasn't disappointed!
Oh, and funny story. Jonna wanted waterfalls and me being bound and determined to find some, we ended up back Caledonia Pike. If you've ever been back there before you know there is little cell phone reception, lots of dirt roads and tons of confusion. SO easy to get lost back there. Long story short, life happened and their car wouldn't start once we were 20 minutes into the trip. We were lost so we parked real quick and that was it. I believe they ended up getting the car started and out of there about two hours later. I got lost on my way out and didn't get home until an hour later. Needless to say...never again!! Unless we have a tour guide =)
Love, love, love! How cute are these two??

Oooh eemmm gee! Turn down the heat!
This fits them so well. They both LOVE to mud bog! Nothing earns a guys respect like a girl kicking it like one of the guys...or even better, show them up!

Nothing better than a sweet quiet moment together.

See the rest of their adventure!

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