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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kalen is one! | Child Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I met Kalen's Momma when she was in the bridal party of a wedding I photographed two years ago. Last year, I was surprised to see them as guests at a different wedding I photographed. Kalen's Daddy made the comment, "Where did Gabby go? And like a theft in the night she snuck around snapping pictures!" LOL! Kalen was just a little tyke then and now he's working on his soccer skills and rocking the 'hawk!
The next David Beckham

What a sweet face!

Can't even handle the cute!! I bet this is what the Fonz looked like when he was one!

Typical boy, loving his cars!

For the record, Kalen made me WORK! This little guy was on to me from the second we pulled all his toys out of the car and put them in a heap in the grass. I'd run in front of him and he would do a 180 and start walking away. I pulled out all the stops trying to get him to smile. Not. Having. It. And here I thought I was the next Molly Shannon. Apparently, what works for a 2 month old, isn't quite to snuff when it comes to a one year old!

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