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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Johnsonburg Fire Hall Bridal Fair! | Bridal Expos, Monroe Files Photography Johnsonburg, PA

Just wanted to shout it out that I will be at the Johnsonburg Fire Hall's Bridal Fair on Sunday 
September 23, from 1-4pm. There will be Bridal Fair only deals to be had tomorrow!
Don't miss out and get your date on my calendar! 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Julian a welcoming session | Hospital Newborn Portrait Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, DuBois, PA

A very sleep Caleb who couldn't keep his eyes open to visit Julian. 

 I am a little bit obsessed with baby hair. Maybe it's because Lily
didn't have THAT much hair when she arrived!

Tiny fingers and a perfect nose!

Julian is one SERIOUS cutie!

Perfect =]

Horn Engagement | Engagement Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, Rockton, PA

I first met Craig in 5th grade at Oklahoma School. My earliest memory of him
is sitting in Mrs. Carmichael's English class writing true stories. 

After working on our individual stories for about 10-15 minutes, he quickly asked,
"How do you spell 'Sinnamahoning'?" 

It was me, who quickly told him the correct spelling. That's when I learned
that not only does everyone in PA vacation in the Outer Banks, they also 
ALL own a camp in Sinnamahoning. Small world. Seriously.

If you would have told me back in 5th grade that Craig would be the best man
at my wedding, I am pretty sure I would have just blinked at you.
Like I said, as you get older, life has a funny way of connecting people.

Hahaha, I couldn't resist sharing this one of Craig and Kelli. 
At least she embraces his hunting roots whole heartedly! 

Kelli has two men in her life, Craig & Titan.

I will let you decide who gets babied more! =]

Craig and Kelli both attended Lock Haven for Education.

Kelli came home with Craig a handful of times through the years they were dating.
Scott and I just kind of had a's just a matter of time.

 Then one day, Craig came home and he and Scott went out to do guy things
(Golf? Football? Bowling? Clearly it was sports related!)...

And confided in Scott saying, "I'm gonna do it. She's the one." 
=] And of course as a female I grill Scott with 20 questions and he says
"I don't know. I'm just telling you what he told me!" 

Craig and Kelli have an EXTREMELY competitive relationship. 

Everything during their session was about beating the other. All in good fun of course!

So it was only fitting we finished the day in their Ultimate Frisbee t-shirts, despite it being February
and about 20 degrees!! 

Heid belly session | Maternity Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, Penfield, PA

Yet another precious belly on my blog! 

This makes me giggle. For multiple reasons. 
One. Note their shadows.
Two. I caught them both looking at their bellies like they are in a contest
Three. Kayla's shirt refused to stay put! 

Kayla and I marched in Band back in High School. She was always 
a bundle of giggles and totally random shenanigans.

I don't know Jason that well, but you can tell he totally fits her personality =]

I don't know what it is about this wrap, but the Momma's are ALWAYS glowing 
while wearing it!

Congratulations Kayla & Jason! Can't wait to meet your sweet Mr. Julian! 

Colbyn | Newborn Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, Brookville, PA

The sequel to the Doty belly session =] !!

The Doty family welcomed a healthy and ooozing cuteness baby boy! 

Colbyn just melts your heart =]

And is the BEST Christmas gift. Ever!

If my stocking looked like this Christmas morning I'd be one happy Momma! 

Congratulations Doty family! Your Christmas bundle of joy seriously is a sweet one!
Enjoy Colbyn...they grow up too fast!

Muth Wedding | Wedding Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, Indiana, PA

Another couple who are not strangers to the blog...Sarah & Josh

Getting married on Dec. 31st, they insisted that they hire another photographer for their wedding.
They wanted their awesome engagement photographer to have a smashing good time! 

You can take the title away from the girl, but you can't take away the camera =]

I wish your computer screen had smell-o-vision. This was truly decadent and smelled oh-so heavenly! 

Their wedding was the perfect mix of Christmas and New Years. 
How cute are the Christmas ornament table numbers??

Congratulations you two!! We had a blast!

Becca & Nate Beloved Session | Beloved Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, Rockton, PA

As you get older (listen to me talking like I'm in my 80's!) you come to 
find that life has a funny way of making connections between people.

Becca is no stranger to my camera, as my little sister she's snuck her
gorgeous blues and long blond hair in front of my lens multiple times.

Nate. I met Nate about 9 years ago when I first started dating my husband. 
Nate is my husband's cousin Ade's cousin. (Are you following?? hehe)

After a short string of kinda crappy boyfriends, Becca started hanging out with Nate...

...and quickly became facebook official. 

My in laws thought it was quite entertaining that my little sister would find her way, 
sort of, into my family of in laws. 

As time went by, and in hanging out with the two of them together...
It's like CREEEPILY scary how much alike these two are. 
They have the same likes and pet peeves...and that's not even the tip of the iceberg! 

I've said it before, and I will say it again...becareful of those Rockton boys. They have a funny
way of sneaking into your heart and stealing it away. And before ya know it, you can't live without them. =]

Doty belly session | Maternity Portrait Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, Brookville, PA

Marly and I went to Penn State DuBois together. I only spent
two years in DuBois, then transferred to University Park. 
I haven't seen her in a few years, other than stalking on facebook 
here and there. It's crazy to think that in only a few short years
a person can go from a singleton to expecting their second baby =]

Can I just say, I LOVE how sweet they are on each other??

This angelic, blond haired cutey is Addy. The Christmas before she asked
Santa for a baby brother or sister...guess who got her wish!

Marly is one stylin' momma =] Her hubby is a lucky man! 

Addy's commentary during these chilly pictures...

"Mommy, I LOOOVE your gown!! It's so pretty!" 

Is baby Doty #2 a boy? Or a girl? Stay tuned to find out!