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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Erin & Brian Engagement | Engagement Photographer, Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I finally got the pleasure of doing one of my wedding couples enagement photos and in October I will get to do their wedding too! I am SOOO excited for their wedding! We had such a blast doing the engagement shoot and I am sure the wedding will be just as fun. Rumor has it there could possibly be a baseball game for all to participate in at the BBQ reception. Hello! I am SO in for baseball! I am going to have to put the camera down to play (After I get lots of good shots of everyone playing first!)
Erin and Brian brought along Brian aka Little Brian to get some family photos too. Lil Bri wasn't too sure about all this kissing on camera stuff. Even though he obviously didn't participate for those photos. He got picked on a lot but he had fun too. :)

The crew!
Yes, it got saultry right away ;)

They looked at me like I was crazy when I told them to sit in the tulips!

We got little Brian in on the fun!

One of my favorites!

I loooooove this photo!

How pretty is her ring?? I could take pictures of girls' bling alllll day!

I love how stern Brian looks in the middle.

Yay! One more photo in the tree! Great idea Brian!

At the pond, where I was being dive bombed by ducks.

I love this photo. So timeless, Dad and son. And they look so alike here! Look out ladies! :)

After we had enough of the duck attacks, we moved up to the bridge.

I really like this one. The lighting reminds me of old black and white movies where the woman's eyes are slightly brighter than everything else. Adds that mystic/sexiness.


More kisses! They couldn't help themselves :)

Another one of my favorites!


We took loooots of pictures! Which is good because that gives you lots to choose from. And bad because that gives you lots to choose from :D

Guys just don't get how good they smell...and how often we sneak a sniff.

This picture makes me giggle.

The cutie couple!

I like this one too...I have lots of favorites!

I hope you guys enjoyed your engagement photo shoot! I know I sure did! I can't wait for the big whoo-rah in October! Hopefully, we won't be attacked by ducks on your wedding day :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Andy's PSU Senior Photos | Senior Portraits Photographer, Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I got the privilege of getting the all access tour of Beaver Stadium for these senior photos. Please note that these aren't your typical senior photos. They are more for the person in them to remenise of their college days gone by. We had an amazing sky that day. Some of these photos are serious and some of these are just goofing off.
Here's the all access tour of Beaver Stadium in University Park, PA at Pennsylvania State University!

The tunnel where Joe Pa runs with the team as they enter the field.

I also like this one in color :)

Close up of our handsome new college graduate.

On the warning track inside the stadium. This is the "pretty" side.

Another view.

This is the "ugly" side. That some day will no longer be there. They want to make the stadium "aesthetically pleasing." And this has to go. It will then look like the pretty side :)

So many games played in a college career...

Looking out at Mt. Nittany.

In the stadium seats.

The largest weather vane. Such die hard PSU fans!

Looking on at the student section and remember the crazy times...

Perfect. Such a gorious day.

And to the locker room we go!

To Joe Pa's locker room we go!

Andy imitating Joe Pa in his leather chair in his "Head Coach" Locker room.

The view from the leather chair.

The locker room. Not what I expected at all. Plush carpets...leather couches...

Sitting in Joe Pa's seat in the media room.

Another Joe Pa imitation. :)

The only Waterford Crystal Football. Here at Beaver Stadium in the football musium. This picture does not do it justice!

At the fountain by the music dept.

And of course the lion shrine!

Look at those baby blues!

Inside a neat tree by Old Main.

Old Main.

At the pond by the President's Bldg.

And again.

Across from Hooter's. This has a better name but I don't remember :(

Congradulations Rupe! You made it. You finished your PSU college career and onto Alabama for Grad School. Best of luck to you and all you do! You will make a great Sports journalist or couch some day :)