For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

A rekindling experience of love through imagery.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jenna DAHS Senior '12 | Senior Portraits Monroe Files Photography

Can I just say that I can NOT believeeeeee Jenna is a senior!!

It seems like yesterday she was calling family members "Poof-in-at-icals" and "Troggle Dogs" !

One of my favorite Jenna stories has to do with movie characters.

Not being able to say "beauty"....

some of her favorite movies instantly became:

"Black Judy"

"Sleeping Judy"

and my personal favorite, "Judy & the beast" =]

Then there was the time she was pretty little, I'd guess 4 or 5, and we were helping round
up the cows for milking. She went one way and I another and after a few minutes I heard,
"AAAAAHH!! Help me! EEEE!!" Good ol' Whitey was chasing Jenna bucking and kicking.
I rerouted my course and came in for the rescue. 

After the crisis was averted, I got my own for laughing and giggling at her misfortune...
my Nike sneaker in a huge pile of cow poop (Eeeeeew.)

I can't wait to see what college has in store for you!
Enjoy the last 6 months of your senior year, it
will fly by WAY fast!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Greenawalt Wedding | Smicksburg, PA Monroe Files Photography

After this wedding, I had another photography bucket list item checked off: wedding at a winery!

The Greenawalt wedding took place at the Windgate Vineyards & Winery in Smicksburg, PA.

Located in the heart of Indiana County, a lot of Amish were seen in the fields
on my way there. I was a little nervous I going to get lost!

Tim and Amanda have such an easy going love for each other.

Amanda is the more wound up tight and perfectionist, while Tim brings her
back down to earth with his mellow, go with the flow out look on life.

This is their gorgeous daughter, Brooklynn. A girl after my own heart.
Lily and Brooklynn could be sisters, even more so when you see
them together! Blue eyes that draw you in and curls that
bounce...but it's the giggle that gets you!

This image doesn't do the view justice.

Brooklynn will be a big sister soon! Yes, another one
of my brides are pregnant...that makes 4 for the year =]

Simply stunning.

Pure radiant love.

I love the emotion on Amanda's face here.
They were both glowing and truly enjoying
their wedding day.

The cutest growing family!

Bride's request and it turned out fantastic!

Love, love, love

Stealing a few quiet moments before it's time to party
with family and friends!


By far my favorite from the day!

Congratulations you two! TWICE! Can't wait to meet Baby Greenawalt in a few short months!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hailey turns 2! | Monroe Files Photography Rockton, PA

What does a two year old need for an awesome birthday?
Peanut butter fudge lady bugs on cup cakes!
(They were DELISH by the way!)

Cutest two year old I know, look at those dimples!

And that's one GIANT cup cake!

After singing "Happy Birthday" Hailey's cousins made a beeline for the cupcakes!

Lily was more excited to make noises with the balloons!

Drooling black mess =] Love her!


Cool chic! Shades for Savannah, GA

Becca | Portrait Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

It's crazy what changes in a few short years. Two Christmas's ago I bought my twelve year old sister make up. The world hasn't been the same ever since! It feels like overnight Becca went from this cute curly haired little girl that loved to eat mints, craft and be goofy into a total model. I actually felt bad, because I feel like I stole my mom's youngest baby and forced her into adulthood. (Really, I didn't! I swear!)

She's only 14 !! I wish I looked like that at 14.

I was this geeky unproportionate thing. Well, it wasn't THAT bad,
but I DO know I wasn't blessed with long legs that go on for miles.

I will forever be a gymnast while Becca is an elegant ballerina.
I look like my Grammy K. and I'm still trying to figure out
where Becca came from =] It's a good thing though!

I bet a lot more boys will ride the bus to school if this was part of
the bus company's ad campaign!

I often wonder what Lily will blossom into as time marches on.

While I see myself and her Daddy in her...I see her Aunt Becca too.

Oh, and I constantly remind myself...the shenanigans I get Becca into...
will most likely be paid back with the shenanigans Becca gets Lily into!

There are 12 years between Becca and myself.
There are 13 years between Becca and Lily.
Funny how life works out like that!

If Tyra Banks is out there listening...Becca would love to come model for you!

This is what happens in a matter of 60 seconds and a million camera clicks.
It was the scene straight out of the Austin Powers movie..."ANNNND I'm spent!" =]

Monday, December 12, 2011

Leather Wedding | Wedding Photography Monroe Files Photography Reynoldsville, Pa

Liz and I met in color guard while in High School. We've shared tears of joy, tears of defeat and all the crazy that comes from band and color guard personalities. Liz was always a glass half full kind of person. It didn't matter if we just came in third, she dropped her rifle and her b/f dumped her all in the same day...there was ALWAYS something to smile about and be thankful for. To see Liz down in the dumps was a rare occasion and few and far between.
 Liz is the kind of girl that goes after something with her whole heart and commits 110%. She stands by her friends through thick and thin and was always there to hug you through it.

Throughout the years, I've seen alot of her boyfriends come and go, sometimes on
her termination and sometimes not.

Seeing someone so cheerful and full of life with so much love to give
yet they go through heart ache time and again is discouraging.

I always knew someday she would find her Prince Charming and he would be all
that she'd been waiting for and just wasn't time yet.

I've only known Bill a very short while and I can tell you that he and Liz make a perfect match.

Bill and Liz are so sweet on each other. Truly happy and they just GET each other.

Their day was full of tears, laughter and great joy.

It's such a priviledge as a photographer to be invited into the day
these beautiful couples say "I do."

Each wedding day plays out each couple's unique love language and
it's so heart touching to watch it unfold and learn the ins and outs
of their family and friends.

Bill and Liz had a perfect day, even when one of the bridesmaids
was in the hospital giving birth to their first child!
(Becky, we missed you!!)

Congratulations you two! May many years of love and laughter be in
store for such a wonderful couple.

And if you ever need any advice for those bumps along the road...

...I'm sure this other wonderful couple you know would love to
guide you along the this crazy thing they call love =]