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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weaver Engagement | Monroe Files Photography, DuBois, PA

I photographed Megan's big brother's wedding back in 2009 at the

The Montini wedding was by far one of my most favorite weddings
to have photographed to date!

I was so excited when I heard Megan and Jacob got engaged!

Nothing beats another fun Montini wedding =]

Especially when it's a second extravaganza at the Road Less
Traveled B&B!!

So excited to share your special day!! August will be here soon =]

Friday, February 10, 2012

Buffone Engagement | Engagement Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I met Leslie while persuing my marketing at Penn State DuBois.

I met Shane in a round about way. His best friend James has been
dating on of my coworker friends from Hoss's at the time.
(James and Morgan are still dating...I am anxiously awaiting for them
to FINALLY get engaged!)

Leslie was EXTREMELY nervous about engagement pictures.

I assured her, they will be awesome. We will have TONS of fun!
Admittedly, a brewski at their favorite sports bar, Sluggers, did help a
little bit. But is in no way a requirement =]

Leslie has this OCD complex about her and Shane wearing the same shirts or
color combinations. But the Twins shirts made an exception =]

Be still my romantic heart!

They will make cutie patootie babies one day =] =] =]

But until then, meet Lula, their furbaby.

Tybee Island & Savannah Georgia | Travel Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Lily's second trip to the beach. Trip number two, we dug big holes in the sand,
collected seashells and took on a big wave!

Tybee Island Lighthouse at sunrise

Mr. Pelican. I didn't realize how BIG of a bird they are until
we met this guy. He was just hanging out by himself in the
surf watching the sunrise. He really did not seem threated
and my father in law was within a foot or two of him.

There is seriously nothing cuter than sandy baby rolls!

Downtown Savannah, GA at sunset.

While in Savannah, we visited my husband's cousin, his wife and this
is their cute cute furbaby, Gizmo.

A large part of our time at the beach was spent chasing the seagulls
with a one year old and two year old. They looked like Elmira!

My little beach babe =]

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kensi | Newborn Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Kensi is such a peanut!! Weighing in at 5 pounds 6 ounces, she's my tiniest newborn yet!

One of my favorite images from 2011.

This is probably a close second for favorite image of the year.
Daddy is the Fire Chief and Mommy is a firefighter too.
Needless to say, firefighting is definitely in Kensi's blood!

This little stinker refused to sleep until I was packing all my gear.
She was also being stubborn: she hated to be on her belly for a
cute butt in the air picture, but as soon as she got on her side
she was golden. Could have hung out there forever.

Ward Wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography, Brockport, PA

Dapper junior groomsman.

Dudley seeing his bride walk the isle, so cute!

I love the Groom's face =]

You just never know what the kiddos are going to do to
keep themselves entertained during the ceremony.

Dudley and Amy's wedding was my first Friday wedding...and I loved it!!

This bride had THREE different pair of shoes for her day and two dresses.

So sweet!

They actually had quite the evening before the wedding. BOTH Dudley
and Amy were in the ER, at different times.

Amy had an alergic reaction to her antibiotics and broke out in hives! (YIKES!)
Thankfully, you couldn't tell at all. In fact, it was completely gone the morning
of the wedding day.

Dudley was hanging signs to direct wedding guests to the ceremony and reception venue.
He was using a knife and needless to say the score was Knife: 1 Dudley: 0.
About a half a dozen or so stitches later, he was in business...but he couldn't
bend his pointer finger...he had stitches on both sides (yea, went clean through! bleh!)

Breanna | Newborn Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, Pa

Sweet little Breanna's parents are friends with Lily's baby sitter.

Since Missy and I did nothing but talk baby while she was pregnant,
I got to sneak in this cutie patootie =]

Breanna's parents are volunteer firefighters. She is laying on Mom's coat.

So precious! And as you can see, Breanna has some crazy cowlicks
on her forehead!

Love her smooshy baby lips.