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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colby DAHS 2011 | Senior Portraits Photographer, Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Colby tagged along with Alanna for her senior portraits since they are step siblings. His Step Momma wanted him to get a few fun pictures while Alanna was changing her outfits. I love how unenthusiastic men are about the entire picture taking process. I also love that after we are done shooting I ask them what they think about it and they always say "It wasn't as bad as I was actually kinda fun." (Usually admitting MUCH to their surprise!)
Love this!

Hollister is missing out on a great model =)

I can't decide if this one or the next photo is my favorite. I like them both!

Hello blue eyes. What guy isn't feeling some asphault for a background?

Thank you for letting me show you how much fun it is to get your pictures taken! Enjoy the rest of your senior year, graduation will be sneaking up fast!
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