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Sunday, September 16, 2012

M Family | Family Portrait Photographer, Monroe Files Photography, St. Marys, PA

Jen went to Gannon with my biffle, Ayren. So she is my biffle's biffle =]

Noah came into the world in April a VERY large baby, and cute as the dickens!

Jen & Chris are extremely fortunate to have sweet Noah in their lives. 

While his Grammy was watching him, he had a SIDS attack and thankfully
Grammy went in to check on him. 

After MANY loooong days and nights at Children's in Pittsburgh, 
Noah was finally allowed to come home! 

Everyday is still an uphill battle for both Noah and his parents.

There have been celebrations and set backs throughout his young life,
but he continues to make progress. =] *And I root for you
every day!!*

I know that God will perform many miracles throughoutNoah's life time. 

Noah, you are truly a gift from God. Do not let your illnesses get in the way of what you
want to do with your life. Your parents are two tough cookies and it would mean
everything in the world to them when you finally wrap your arms around their
neck for a sweet sweet baby hug. 

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