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Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Mike and Megan was one of my winners for the 2011 engagement story contest! 
Here's their story, as told by Megan....

"On July 24, 2011, after 4 years of dating, Mike planned the whole proposal out. He had my best friend tell me three weeks prior to July 24  that he had talked to her and told her he was going to propose to me on August 10. Needless to say I was counting down!!!!"

"So, on July 24, I had a Purse Party that day and he was supposed to meet me after and my best friend from DuBois and her fiance were coming down and we were all going to go out to dinner. I told him to meet us at 4. Well needless to say, he didn't show up. So then, he called me frantically saying that his car had broken down and I had to rush to Alameda Park because none of his family could come get him."

"So, I rushed down and I pulled up to the back of his blazer as he had instructed me to do because the hood was supposedly smoking. I saw a sign that said "Go to the Hood" so I cautiously did thinking that he was going to jump out. Then there was a sign on the hood that said follow the rope. So I followed this rope and it came to my surprise that the shelter was decorated and there was no Mike in sight."

"He decorated a shelter at Alameda Park with candles and potpourri. He had a rose and a wrapped gift at the end of the shelter. I read the card and the gift was a framed poem that he had written me. As soon as I turned around, he walked up behind me and gave me a little speech and then asked me to marry him."

" It was so wonderful and perfect (except for the fact he dropped the ring since he opened the box upside down and he didn't notice it!). It was better than anything I ever imagined!"

And a little more news for these two....they are EXPECTING! Yea! I seriously have the baby touch.
You have been forewarned. If my brides to be aren't pregnant on their wedding day, they are pregnant soon after. =]

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