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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick Wedding June 25, 2011 | Wedding Photography Monroe Files Photography Bald Eagle State Park

While in college at Penn State Main, I applied for a serving job at the Texas Roadhouse while it was still being built. The website showcased legenday, mouth watering food and the wait staff line danced once an hour. You had me at line dancing (ok, and the fresh baked bread with honey cinnamon butter!)

I got the call saying I was hired (BOOM!) and quickly skipped over to get my picture taken on the saddle and fill out paperwork. That evening, my roommates and I went downtown to celebrate and enjoy company with friends from out of town. This is the story of how I met Dustin.

Our first stop was the Cell Block. Our out of town friend bumped into someone she knew and after an hour of the Cell Block we were ready for a place a bit more chill. Our next and last stop of the night was the Lion's Den. On our way over, my roommate ran into her boyfriend...which left me as the third wheel. (Wah.Wah.) As I sat watching American Gladiators with a couple on either side of me making out, I was wishing I was any where but there. Then I heard, "HEEY, Luke forgot some paperwork for you to fill out." It was a quite drunk Dustin, out with two other Roadhouse employees celebrating the new store opening. Long story short, I bought them a round of shots and I quickly learned why his nickname is "El Diablo". Because he turns around from the bar with as many shots as his fingers can hold. That was 3 and a half years ago.

My two favorites were the only guests invited and we wouldn't miss it for the world! =]

Malissa was a part of the opening crew of servers. I remember her fanning herself any time a few of the managers walked past her. (3 out of 5 were good looking, IMO.) But it didn't take long to figure out which one was her favorite =] And life hasn't been the same ever since!
Dustin and Malissa had a very very small ceremony at Bald Eagle State Park, maybe a half hours drive from State College. It was a sweet and quick wedding (Not to be confused with Mal's new last name!)

This cute baby doll is Hannah, D & Mal's pride and joy.

It was so heart warming for Scott and I to see this wonderful couple finally say "I do."
The look of pride and huge smile on my husband's face was totally priceless.

How FAB is Mal's manicure?! I was in love!

Daddy kisses always tickle, those whiskers get ya!

Does Hannah have a favorite? Yes, two. Mommy and Daddy!

Two beautiful girls. May you two NOT get into nearly the amount
of shenanigans your fathers got into!

Seriously LOVE those leg rolls!!

Congratulations you two!! Scott and I couldn't be happier =]
And it's hard to believe your 6 month-aversary is creeping near!

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