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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hetrick Wedding June 18, 2011 | Wedding Photography Monroe Files Photography Beechwoods Restaurant & Lounge

My two snow bunnies said "I do"! But the real surprise was on me when I learned my petite blushing Bride was currently 12-15 weeks pregnant! =]

LOVING the tangerine dresses....and BONUS round! They have POCKETS!

Jessie's Dad and Mom, I finally figured out where Jessie gets all of
her adorableness that Cory can't say no to!

Seriously? How silly and fun were these two?

Ow Ow Momma!

This is the only time I can say camo and orange never looked sooo good!

I did good. I managed to NOT lose a bridesmaid in the pond, 10 points!

Camo cake? CHECK!

Cory and Jessie got married at Beechwoods Restaurant and Lounge. Maybe I am baised because I had my reception there...but Dagmar is AMAZING! You want someone to do all the stressing for you? Daggie is your girl!

A dapper line up of Groomsmen.


The gasps from the wedding guests as Jessie came around the bend in a horse and buggy, priceless!

Jessie's Dad always sports the wind blown look. =]

Jessie's brother sang phenominally and there was not a dry eye in the house.

Just love this emotion on Gram's face =]

I think this is waaaay better than the pitch fork iconic image!

Can't get married on a golf course without a trip in a golf cart!

Needless to say, the reception was filled with a lot of line dances.
I was missing my days at Texas Roadhouse. Even more so
when I realized I couldn't remember all the steps to a few of my
favorite line dances we did. *sad face*

Congratulations you two!! Your day was absolutely gorgeous and so
much has changed in your growing family since then!
More of Cory and Jessie to come =]

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