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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ryleigh's One! | Birthday Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

If you are thinking this family looks very's because they should! I met Megan and Doug at a mutal friend's wedding while we were both pregnant and quickly learned we were about 10 days apart according to our due dates. We became fast friends as we talked about our pregnancies, then births and now we constantly swap stories about our favorite little girls.
Doug and Megan let me share in their second most special day on August 14, 2010. This was the day they said, "I do." and little Miss Ryleigh was baptised during the wedding ceremony!

Love this!!

If you give a mouse a cookie...he's going to want a glass of milk...

But a love squeeze is just as good!

Ryleigh's ONE!

Daddy will be keeping the windows and doors locked, she's going to be trouble! =]

Hehehe Mom's idea and I was in LOVE the whole time!

Yes, those are the CUTEST wings, in zebra print to boot!

Ry decided to taste the sand...

And what first birthday wouldn't be complete with out a CAKE SMASHIE?!

Ok, so Miss Ryleigh didn't really smash the cake, she was actually quite dainty about the whole situation.

She went with the pointer finger method.
Mom didn't think twice about cake flavor. It was lemon and every once in a while Ry would get a
very tart bite and would do a "lemon face". Lol!

Pure Perfection.

Happy first birthday Miss Ryleigh!! I still can't believe you and Lily are no longer babies and creeping into the toddler stage more and more every day. Your mothers will shed many tears over this, haha =]

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