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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ridgway Chainsaw Rendezvous | Event Photography Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I finally made it to the Ridgway Chainsaw Carver's Rendezvous held every February. It's the largest non-competition chainsaw carving event on the east coast. The 'Vous goes on all week and commences with an auction where all proceeds are put back into the organization for the following year. Carvers come from around the world and really enjoy their time here meeting new friends, learning new techniques and teaching others their craft.

 This piece is full size and breath taking. Images don't do it justice!

I think this guy left Jurassic Park to pay Ridgway a visit!

If I had enough muscle (and some where to put these) I would have came home with them both!! I LOOOVE Demdaco figurines and have quite a few around the house.

Love it!!

Even Troy Polamalu came to check it out!

 "It's-a me, Mario!" 

This guy is braver than me! Smoking a cigarette around saw dust, yea I was a little nervous!

=] Perfect!

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