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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Engagement Story Contest! | Engagement Photography Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I find myself more and more fascinated with people's stories. Their stories of love, their family traditions and the journeys their lives take with each passing day.

Behind each couple is a story.
The beginning.
The place where their love started...
...and bloomed, then flourished.

I want to hear your engagement story! Whether you got engaged yesterday or 60 years ago, I want to know how your love asked the big question. And how or when you knew this other person was going to be your forever beloved. Your story can be extremely joyful or painted with sadness. It can be very creative or disasterous. It can be over the top extravagant or simply sweet. Or maybe you were blessed with a very romantic sweetie. =]

The Engagement story contest will be accepting submissions between Aug. 1 and Aug. 31, 2011.  In 1000 words or less I want you to share how your love asked to walk the aisle with you and share a life full of love and laughter. This contest is open to newly engaged couples, and married couples, whether you just got married yesterday or have been married for 60+ years! Please submit your story and a photo to: by August 31, 2011.

The five categories are:
Most Romantic
Most Creative
Most Extravagant
Most Simplistic
Most Disastrous

One entry from each category will be chosen and shared with readers on Monroe Files Photography's website and page. Readers will then get to vote who they think should win!

Grand Prize:
Full Portrait session with a complimentary 16x20 canvas wrap, ready to hang on your wall!

2nd runner up:
Mini session with complimentary accordian mini album that fits in your purse (think brag book, but cooler!)

3rd runner up:
$75.00 gift certificate to Monroe Files Photography

I can't wait to hear all your love stories! =] =] =]
But first I will share mine with you.

It was August 17, 2007 and Scott and I had been dating for almost 4 years. He went home the prevous day for a funeral and when he came home he found me working at my lap top. He pulled me on to the bed and said, "I have something I need to tell you." I didn't move, not knowing what was coming next. "I know I told you that we'd get engaged between April and August...with me not working my senior year of college I just don't have the money. I am so sorry. But I just can't swing it." After letting it sink in, I preceeded to razz him. "But you said between April and August...and August is almost over!" "You LIED to me!!" "What a bunch of crap!" I ratted on him ALL. DAY. about it.
After the bed scene, I hopped in the shower to get ready for the day. I emerged from the bathroom to find all the bedroom window curtains wide open. I hollered up the stairs, "Thank YOU for opening all the blinds! Like you didn't know I was getting a shower." Hurried up and closed them shaking my head.
We both go to work that night and I end up getting off work first. I head home to change and wind down waiting for Scott to close the kitchen. I get the call, pick him up, we change and head to Champ's for some late night grub while hanging out with friends.
We end up closing the bar. Which is typical for the Roadie bunch. Scott had a few too many and it never hits him until we end up at home. He hops in the shower and maybe 5 minutes later he's standing in the bathroom door way, dripping from head to toe, staring at me. I look up from my lap top, sigh and say "Yes...?"
"Would you like to shower with me?"
"Do YOU want me to shower with you?"

I barely get two feet in the shower and he's out the bathroom door like a shot. I wipe the water out of my eyes and realize he's gone. That's when I peaked my head out of the curtain to find him bent over at the waist, dripping AGAIN, bare butt sticking out of the closet. For a split second I thought to myself, 'I hope he isn't puking in the closet.' Which quickly turned into, 'HE is cleaning it up.'

I am letting the warm water run over my achy body after being on my feet for 6+ hours and I about jump out of my skin when Scott rips the shower curtain open. Water is running every where. I'm looking at him, not quite sure WHAT he is up to. Then he starts talking...
"I know, you wanted it to be all romantic and everything...and I REALLY couldn't think of anything..." He manages to get down on one knee (remember, he is drunk so this is truly an accomplishment!) and says, "Will you marry me??" *Insert super huge drunk grin*

I say, "Yes." (Probably to my better judgement, KIDDING!!) We sealed it with a kiss and then the whole story comes out...

The little stinker went home and bought the ring at Zalno's in Clearfield since he "just happened to pass it" on his way home to Rockton. He then set the scene by throwing me off with the "I'm so sorry I'm completely broke and can't afford a ring." While I was in the shower that morning, he opened all the blinds to see the ring sparkling in the sunlight and then hid the ring in his work boots. He said he was a nervous wreck while I got dressed, TWICE, thinking I'd see it. I was non the wiser!

If anyone knows us, they know we are TER-AH-BOWL with surprises. We can't keep a surprise from each other to save our lives. (Fast forward 3 months after the engagement and I told Scott what his Christmas present was because I was soooo. stickin'. EXCITED. about it! I just had to tell him!) Scott couldn't stand the anticipation of holding on to the ring and waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question that he just did it after I hopped in the shower.

Needless to say, there were only 4 other people that knew our engagement story. Even our parents didn't know until our wedding reception. It certainly isn't the most romantic, but it's "us". And that is what makes it special. 

Circa Nov. 2007, Spring Creek Park, State College, PA.

Taken by Maggie Herrick.