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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miller Wedding 01.09.2010 | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography

I recently attended a beautiful wedding held at the Red Fern in St. Marys. I was not the paid photographer by any means, but it was a good time to try out my new lense I got for Christmas! =) Here are a few photos from the day.

The ring bearer and flower dog was *supposed* to walk down the aisle. They had other ideas!
Thankfully, the groomsman was quick on his feet and scooped his pup up and the bridesmaid followed suit. The flower girl's bloomers just crack me up!

The beautiful bride!

A quick prayer as these two families join one another.

A kiss to send her off.

And the ceremony begins =)

The first kiss as husband and wifey

I love how petite and delicate she is.

She was SUPER tiny. She's built just like my sister.
Tall and super thin.

So cute!

Cutting the cake, complete with ice sickles.


The calm before the storm...

Oh YEA! Total cake in face action!

And you can't tell me she isn't grinning from ear to ear =)
Ryan and Lauren, I wish you many many happy years together! And maybe some more cake in face moments too! =)

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