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Friday, February 12, 2010

Kaleigh DAHS 2010 | Senior Photos Monroe Files Photography

More senior photos! I was super excited to be doing some girlie senior photos! And in the fall to boot! We stopped at some of my favorite places in the fall, Kyle Lake and Cooper's Farm. =)

She's so beautiful!

I see it and I hope she does too =)

Tried to capture the artist in there!


Really, I can't get over how pretty she is!!

Couldn't resist the pumpkins! In true fall fashion of course!

Or some frollicking in the corn field...

Something a little different. I wasn't sure how her mother would feel about senior photos in the cemetary, but I really liked the photos we ended up with.

She's a statue or a total goddess!
I had so much fun doing these photos! We were out for about 2-3 hours and I easily could have stayed out longer. I am such a sucker for fall leaves and the crisp autumn air. I wish I would have got my senior photos done in the fall!

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