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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swatsworth Wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography

Warning: I feel like I posted a LOT of pictures from this wedding. There were too many cute ones!

Like I do for all of my brides, I check in Wednesday or Thursday before the big day. Jess answered and we got through the time confirmation and if there were any major changes I should be aware about. I then said, "I have a kind of stupid question, but what are you having for dinner at the reception?" Luigi's was catering, to which I replied, "OK, I should be fine. I'm pregnant and wanted to make sure we weren't eating fish or I'd have to bring something to eat!" and she kind of giggled.

The day of the wedding, we got a ton of snow! After finally making it to the church in Curwensville, it felt like it took forever!, I walk in and say hello. Jess then announces, "There are 3 of us that are pregnant." To which ALL her bridesmaids looked around at one another while Jess explained: The photographer is pregnant, a bridesmaid is visibly pregnant and Jess herself is also pregnant! I then heard a bunch of sighs, as I realized they knew two of them were pregnant and couldn't figure out who number three was!

Getting Jess ready! You'd never know she was 15 and a half weeks pregnant!

I wouldn't have been able to guess!

The Bridal Party

One of my favorites!

I am now a huge fan of Christmas time weddings after this one!

The Groom, awaiting his beautiful bride!

I loved the pin stripes with the red bridesmaid dresses!

Here she comes! =)

Love these two!

I always like to give the Bride a photo of what it looked like from the guests point of view...or one that she would never otherwise see. So pretty!

The new Mr. & Mrs. Swatsworth!

Sibling love!

Groom and his best men.

The Bride and her Maid and Matron of honor.

Love me some bling!

I really liked her bouquet, pink calla lillies and roses!

Her beautiful gown

Yes, we did stand outside in the FREEZING cold at the reception to get some snow pictures!

The whole wedding party! Guess which side was cold =)

Mmm, cake. Cake was yummy!


I thought this was too cute and a fun surprise!

Another fave!!

First dance as husband and wifey

And the fun begins!

Such pros! Just shows ya what a little prepping from the photog can do for ya!
That is one thing I like to preach, KNOW how you are holding the servers or you will be up there forever. And it's awkward...especially when there was 6 + guests behind me with cameras that wanted photos too!

This was right as she smooshed it, thus the cute grin on her face.

A little icing on the nose in kisses never hurt anyone, just makes them sweeter!

Father Daughter dance. I loved her first, like I've said before: I have yet to see a Bride make it through this song with out crying! I try not to listen to the words too closely or I'd be crying too!

Mother Son dance. It got mushy here too. =)

The oldest married couple and the newest married couple.

Oh yes, Dean did do a cheesy dance before pulling the garter off Jess' leg...

...with his teeth! I love her face!

Money dance fun!

I love this photo of Jess and her Momma =) So sweet!
I had tons of fun at this wedding! Thank you for letting me share in your special day! Dispite all the snow, everyone made it to and from the event safely and still had a good time! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little boy =) Congrats!!

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