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Friday, October 31, 2008

Stephanie and Alex, Sept. 20, 2008 | Wedding Photographer, Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Still trying to get caught up with everything that happened before my wedding, here are photos from Stephanie and Alex's ceremony Sept. 20, 2008. They had a beautiful day and the red, white and blue theme was SUPER cute! Alex is in the marines and Steph went all out with the decorations.

The ring bearer, and Steph's nephew, Alex. He was TOO cute!!

Lacing her up 5 minutes before she has to walk down the isle! Cutting it a little bit tight on time there girlies! =)

The beautiful bride! She was getting excited...look at her glowing!

Her Dad put the veil over her head. Awww.

Yes! How stinking CUTE are they?!

I loved their dresses! And their head pieces too!

The whole wedding party.

Unity candle...

Notice there are LOTS of pettals on the right side...Steph had a pile under dress at the alter!

I love this church. It's so pretty!

Hugs outside after the ceremony was over. Commence tear flowing now!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Stephanie Thomason.

This was their idea and a CUTE one at that!

Alex got a fit of giggles during formal photo time...

*sigh* This just melts your heart....

A favorite!


Timeless beauty.

The wedding party plus the ushers....minus a flower girl.

Yes, it was a complete smash!

The her little booties she wore!

The two great catches made at the reception.

First dance.

How can you tell a boy is having a good time??

When his hands are black, he teases you and he's wearing icing on his face!!

Father daughter dance. With her mom in the back ground. Tears were flowing EVERY WHERE! The song didn't help either :P
Alex and Steph, I had a wonderful time photographing your wedding day! It was beautiful and lots of fun! It got me way excited for mine! :D I hope you both are enjoying yourselves in California and being safe! Enjoy your photos and a happy fulfilling life together!

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