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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mary Pat & friends trash the dress! | Trash the Dress Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I appologize for the extreme lack of updates! I have been ridiculously busy with wedding stuff! The big day has since past (Oct. 11,2008). Unfortunately, I will be away from the internet after Oct. 19th for our honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean! CAN'T WAIT!! Much deserved and needed vacation =)
On with the photo show, these are photos from Mary Pat's trash the dress session. I want to offer this service to my brides who I share their special day with...but unfortunately, I don't have any photos to share. Now I do!
These photos were taken in St. Mary's, PA, back Old Burndale Road. I had no idea that this cute little water shed and stream was off the main road to St. Mary's! What little treasures one can find =)
Kelly working it!

The water was a little chilly...

Shelby's friend...I don't remember her name (Sorry!) The girls wanted in on the fun and found some fun Halloweenie costumes to wear!

Miss Kelly.

She's a photographer...I think it shows!

I love how her dress almost glows!


Such a pretty dress!

I love all the buttons down her back...

That would be mud on her face. Her and the girls got into a mud slinging fight!

Ow ow!!

Sexy leg!
Mother and Daughter.

This tatoo is a tribute to Mary Pat's brothers who are no longer with us. She endured great pain and suffering for this tatoo....she was allergic to the ink and had hives for two days. The tatoo is not complete, but she's afraid to go in because she had such a strong alergic reaction the first time.

Pretty pretty!

Alot of bling going on!

Another one of my favorites =)

CUUUUTE!! Mommy and Damien. Both with mud on their faces. =)Beautiful baby blues!

Mary Pat and her hubby Jason. Too cute!! Having some fun in the water! One of my favorites! Kelly is such a cutie!

Thank you all for a wonderful time and a trip into the woods of St. Mary's! I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did =)

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