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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bridesmaids trash the dress! | Trash the Dress Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

After my bridal shower, we took all my 'maids and went around Rockton to trash the dress! It was a great time and we are hoping to do "Trash the dress 2!" summer of '09! Here are a few pictures I can take claim to from the day!
Miss Sarah Nelson, starting off on our parade arond Rockton in Grampa Tom's truck. It was the most babes that truck has ever had in the back!

She felt like Miss America, as we drove around Rockton beeping and screaming :)

Emily, laughing as we continue are trash the dress parade!
What do you wear to trash a dress???

Crocs that match your dress, of course!!

All the lovely ladies getting ready to get dirty at Jamie's house! (You can get the scoop on the house here: )

Jamie taking some of our props back to Mike's shed.

Ayren with windblown hair as we head to Brown Springs from Home Camp Road.

Ayren showing off her blue crocks in all the greenness...

She was excited about how green everything is!

Miss Sarah, getting down and wet in Brown Springs! She wore the dress that just would not get dirty!

Jamie, and if you look closely you can see a tiny bit of her rain boots she was wearing :)

Ayren walking down the spring to the swimming hole. Another one of my favorites!Miss Jamie, riding in the back of the truck. One of my favorties!

The day was just not long enough to do the bridal shower, trash dresses and bachelorette party! It was a wonderful day, full of lots of smiles, laughs and hugs.
Anyone up for dress trashing in the snow?? :D Kidding! You all know how much I don't like winter and hate being cold! If someone else wants to all means! I will be behind the camera with 5 layers of clothes a winter coat, boots, gloves, hat and snow pants. With some hot chocolate and peanut butter toast awaiting our arrival back at the house :P

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