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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great Pumpkin

I'm back! I am home from my honeymoon. The week FLEW by but it was lots of fun and HOT beachy weather!
Here are some pictures that I took before I left of all the fall festivities. I need some time to get on top of weddings and my own photo stuff from the honeymoon. Please be patient, my wedding photos will come soon! In the mean time, enjoy the fall photos! (It's a little long, but it's all so pretty!)
Here are some photos from Cooper's Farm Pumpkin Festival!

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

They had a petting zoo! This little lady enjoyed snorting her oats and making my sister wear them :)

I just love her eye lashes!

Becca and a Benny Hen. This hen is so old she hasn't laid eggs in 6 years!


They are so cute, tiny and perfectly round!

The gourds were lots of fun too!

Their faces are too cute!

This photo makes me laugh! So nosy!

As does this one with all their butts up in the air!
Photos from the Reservoir in Home Camp.

I love the moon in this photo! On the back roads toward Home Camp.

These next photos are out by Kirk's Farm in Rockton.

Spruce Hill

Up by the statue behind the High School and PSU Dubois.

Resevoir again.

The Dam in Philipsburg off 322 on the way to State College.

Outside my hubby's parent's house in Rockton.

Behind the High School and PSU DUB.

Mommy's baby!!

So typical...leaf hanging off his face.
Up in the strippings behind Mike and Jamie's new house.

Coke Hill.

Penny and Steve's backyard. These acorns are all piled to the top of a 3 gallon bucket....with LOTS more still out in the yard!

Hoyt, what are you looking at?

Behind Mike and Jamie's again.

Like I said, this was a long one! But they are all so pretty and I just love fall! I am turning more and more into my mother. :)

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