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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meet Mike & Jamie | Enagement Photographer, Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Jamie had contacted me about possibly doing her and Mike's wedding photos Oct. 10, 2009. I was delighted for the inquire, you never know who is going to contact you. I have stuff pop up without warning all the time. They think they want me but weren't sure. What's the best way to prove you are worth it? Take them out for engagement photos! Not only do they get a feel of how you work, who you are and your editing style, but it's also good practice! ;)
Jamie suggested we go to Kyle Lake and take photos there. It was GORGEOUS! Crisp fall day with leaves in full bloom...beautiful bright blue sky with puffy clouds. You couldn't ask for a better day! The day was even more special because Jamie and Mike also celebrated two years together! (Awww :D )

One of my favorites!

Sneaking a peak!

So many pretty leaves!

The colors are just gorgeous :)

Ummm....Hello? FAVORITE!! By far! I even want to hang it on my wall!

For some reason, I like this one. Must be the sky and silhouette...

Jamie's blue eyes are poppin'!

They thought I was nuts when I wanted them to lay in the leaves...yes, I do some crazy things. But I promise to not run you around rampant in your wedding dress...unless you want to of course!

They kept giggling when I asked them to kiss. Then they would make a face. I'm gathering that they aren't huge fans of PDA, unlike Scott and I. :D

The photo resulted in MUCH laughter! I think she was getting excited!!


I hope you both had fun! And you didn't think I was too crazy! :) Enjoy your engagement photos and I hope to see you June 14, 2009! =) It will so be here before you know it! I still can't believe I'm a married woman!

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