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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jeremy DAHS 2010 | Senior Portraits Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I can't believe my baby brother is a SENIOR! My oh my! How the time flies! Feels like yesterday I was doing all the fun senior stuff!
If this cute orange Morris Minor looks fromiliar...that's because it should!
Alvin gave us permission to do another photo shoot.
The first time was his wedding to my Aunt Lynn.
You can see that post here:

With four neat Morris Minors to choose from, this one was the winner!
Alvin buys them at the junk yard (a total piece of junk!) and makes them look like this!
What a fun and rewarding hobby! Pretty sure Jeremy was in heaven :)

Of course I had to make it look antiqued!

Yes kids, Jeremy is on the road!

Jeremy's girlfriend, Emily, came along too!
This is one of my favorites!

This is another one of my favorites!
My Aunt Lynn watching from the porch: "Ooo! Action shot!"
Haha, priceless!

Moving from tiny Morris Minors, to this big rusted guy.
Looks like a GMC of some kind.
I do know that it was older than Jeremy and I combined!
I got looked at twice when I told him to pose by the truck.
Another fave!

Lovin' the sepia for close ups!

Blue eyed curly Q :)

Cute couple!

All grown up *tear!*

Joe Cool.

I really like the brick background.

Caught them being cute, there's a surprise!

I know this one is busy, but there's something about it I like!
It's REALLY tough on the eyes in black and white :)

And, incase anyone was wondering, he towers over me by...a lot.
So does my 12 year old sister. She is also taller than me.
Not fair!

Sporting the DAHS school spirit!

We got lucky and they had the goal post pads up!

Enjoy your senior year to the fullest! It goes by so quickly and these are memories that you will have for the rest of your life. Even that kid that you just can't stand and want to tell him to shove a sock in it, you'll miss him too (but not as much as your best friends!) And YES, high school will seem like a walk in the park after putting in a year of college. Happens every time!

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