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Monday, August 31, 2009

Trip to the Zoo! | Travel Monroe Files Photography

Before this fall weather snuck in, some friends and I took a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo one hot and humid day in August.

Majority of the animals were too hot to be active.
Couldn't blame them!

Gator! Could this be the same guy they have for sale at Pet Place in the mall?
I am still baffled as to what a person does with a pet gator when it hits 12 feet long.
Anyone wanna offer suggestions? TL? Parker Dam? Ain't gonna fit in the tub!

Rhino man! My hubby loves these guys. My guess is because they look similar to Dinosaurs.

King of Jungle. Mufasa? I am totally hearing The Lion King Theme!

Wifey is sleeping there to the left.

Look at the baby!!

This baby elephant was huge...for being a baby. :)

Giraffes. Such beautiful animals.
Ever wonder where God gets his inspiration to make each animal so unique?

Sneaking up the tree...

To try and get a nice green leaf. Poor guy tried for 15 minutes trying to get that branch!

My FAVORITE flower! Hibiscus. This was the size of a basket ball!

Can't remember the name of these pretty flowers.

Hello Joe! Wish they had a baby in their pouch!
That would have totally made my day!
A fun trip besides it being KIDS DAY! And super stinking HOT.
I haven't tripped over so many strollers and fearing my life as kids barrelled past me!
Only kidding! There were too many cute kids to aww over!
The look on their faces was priceless. Oh, to be a child again. :)

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