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Friday, September 11, 2009

Florida Trip | Travel Monroe Files Photography

Just thought I'd torture everyone with some photos from our trip to Florida this past May. :D

Cocoa Beach, FL.

Lots of jelly fish at the beach.

I love the ocean!


Watching a guy fish and scoping out dinner from his bucket.

Yes, we went to Florida and saw cows. Jealous? :)

I was NOT excited to get on that ride and ended up loving it!

Epcot. Postcard? Check!

Saw this little guy at Animal Kingdom.

Tree of Life. Such a cool idea!

Elephant is part of the tree carvings, but it looks ridiculously real!

Hibiscus :)

Black dolphin? Check! LOVE SEA WORLD!
Wish it was still in Ohio, I'd be there all the time!

The sting ray tank. They looked like they were flying.
I could have stood there and watched them swim for hours!

LOVE this picture! Manatees!

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