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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buco + Jen Wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography

Finally getting the rest of the photos up on the blog! Been a bit busy with weddings and baptisms, plus life in general :) I am editing and uploading as fast as I can!

So I have a thing for old trucks, what can I say?
This would be Buco's other baby ;)

One handsome groom!

Backed up by a bunch of handsome groomsmen!

Love it!

A beautiful bride.

Loving the detail on the gown!


Wedding ceremony.

On the bottom of his shoes it said, "Go Pens!"
But what they really wanted to write on the bottom was "Oh sh!t!"
Not so appropriate in a church...oh those groomsmen, so witty are we!


This makes me wish I had bubbles at our wedding!

She thought I was crazy, and I like it!

Amelia and the new Mrs. Foor!

Another fave! The front door of the church.

Jen with her ladies :) I really like this one too!

The new Mr. & Mrs. !

More faves.... :D

So editorial, work it out!

This makes me really want to go and get my nails done!
And you'd never know Buco did a number on his knuckles.
I'm so cool!

I was laughing at her carrying her dress.

What a bunch of cuties!

It's busy, but I like it :)

I love the look on their faces!

Hello?! FAVORITE!!

Their cake was delish!!

I had such a fun time at this wedding! I have not seen Jen for what seems like ages and sharing in her special day was such a joy! You were a beautiful beautiful bride! May you and Buco enjoy many years of love and laughter (and some babies too, kay?) :D

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