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Friday, February 3, 2012

Ward Wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography, Brockport, PA

Dapper junior groomsman.

Dudley seeing his bride walk the isle, so cute!

I love the Groom's face =]

You just never know what the kiddos are going to do to
keep themselves entertained during the ceremony.

Dudley and Amy's wedding was my first Friday wedding...and I loved it!!

This bride had THREE different pair of shoes for her day and two dresses.

So sweet!

They actually had quite the evening before the wedding. BOTH Dudley
and Amy were in the ER, at different times.

Amy had an alergic reaction to her antibiotics and broke out in hives! (YIKES!)
Thankfully, you couldn't tell at all. In fact, it was completely gone the morning
of the wedding day.

Dudley was hanging signs to direct wedding guests to the ceremony and reception venue.
He was using a knife and needless to say the score was Knife: 1 Dudley: 0.
About a half a dozen or so stitches later, he was in business...but he couldn't
bend his pointer finger...he had stitches on both sides (yea, went clean through! bleh!)

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