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Monday, December 12, 2011

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Liz and I met in color guard while in High School. We've shared tears of joy, tears of defeat and all the crazy that comes from band and color guard personalities. Liz was always a glass half full kind of person. It didn't matter if we just came in third, she dropped her rifle and her b/f dumped her all in the same day...there was ALWAYS something to smile about and be thankful for. To see Liz down in the dumps was a rare occasion and few and far between.
 Liz is the kind of girl that goes after something with her whole heart and commits 110%. She stands by her friends through thick and thin and was always there to hug you through it.

Throughout the years, I've seen alot of her boyfriends come and go, sometimes on
her termination and sometimes not.

Seeing someone so cheerful and full of life with so much love to give
yet they go through heart ache time and again is discouraging.

I always knew someday she would find her Prince Charming and he would be all
that she'd been waiting for and just wasn't time yet.

I've only known Bill a very short while and I can tell you that he and Liz make a perfect match.

Bill and Liz are so sweet on each other. Truly happy and they just GET each other.

Their day was full of tears, laughter and great joy.

It's such a priviledge as a photographer to be invited into the day
these beautiful couples say "I do."

Each wedding day plays out each couple's unique love language and
it's so heart touching to watch it unfold and learn the ins and outs
of their family and friends.

Bill and Liz had a perfect day, even when one of the bridesmaids
was in the hospital giving birth to their first child!
(Becky, we missed you!!)

Congratulations you two! May many years of love and laughter be in
store for such a wonderful couple.

And if you ever need any advice for those bumps along the road...

...I'm sure this other wonderful couple you know would love to
guide you along the this crazy thing they call love =]

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Lizzyann2nd said...

Gabby I had no idea you wrote this little blog about our wedding until tonight but it brought tears to my eyes! This is so beautiful! I am so glad you were able to be there and shade this very special day with us! you have been a part of my life since you were a freshmen in high school and I was so blessed and honored to have you there! You are such a sweet person! You did an amazing job and we just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!