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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Becca | Portrait Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

It's crazy what changes in a few short years. Two Christmas's ago I bought my twelve year old sister make up. The world hasn't been the same ever since! It feels like overnight Becca went from this cute curly haired little girl that loved to eat mints, craft and be goofy into a total model. I actually felt bad, because I feel like I stole my mom's youngest baby and forced her into adulthood. (Really, I didn't! I swear!)

She's only 14 !! I wish I looked like that at 14.

I was this geeky unproportionate thing. Well, it wasn't THAT bad,
but I DO know I wasn't blessed with long legs that go on for miles.

I will forever be a gymnast while Becca is an elegant ballerina.
I look like my Grammy K. and I'm still trying to figure out
where Becca came from =] It's a good thing though!

I bet a lot more boys will ride the bus to school if this was part of
the bus company's ad campaign!

I often wonder what Lily will blossom into as time marches on.

While I see myself and her Daddy in her...I see her Aunt Becca too.

Oh, and I constantly remind myself...the shenanigans I get Becca into...
will most likely be paid back with the shenanigans Becca gets Lily into!

There are 12 years between Becca and myself.
There are 13 years between Becca and Lily.
Funny how life works out like that!

If Tyra Banks is out there listening...Becca would love to come model for you!

This is what happens in a matter of 60 seconds and a million camera clicks.
It was the scene straight out of the Austin Powers movie..."ANNNND I'm spent!" =]

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