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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Greenawalt Wedding | Smicksburg, PA Monroe Files Photography

After this wedding, I had another photography bucket list item checked off: wedding at a winery!

The Greenawalt wedding took place at the Windgate Vineyards & Winery in Smicksburg, PA.

Located in the heart of Indiana County, a lot of Amish were seen in the fields
on my way there. I was a little nervous I going to get lost!

Tim and Amanda have such an easy going love for each other.

Amanda is the more wound up tight and perfectionist, while Tim brings her
back down to earth with his mellow, go with the flow out look on life.

This is their gorgeous daughter, Brooklynn. A girl after my own heart.
Lily and Brooklynn could be sisters, even more so when you see
them together! Blue eyes that draw you in and curls that
bounce...but it's the giggle that gets you!

This image doesn't do the view justice.

Brooklynn will be a big sister soon! Yes, another one
of my brides are pregnant...that makes 4 for the year =]

Simply stunning.

Pure radiant love.

I love the emotion on Amanda's face here.
They were both glowing and truly enjoying
their wedding day.

The cutest growing family!

Bride's request and it turned out fantastic!

Love, love, love

Stealing a few quiet moments before it's time to party
with family and friends!


By far my favorite from the day!

Congratulations you two! TWICE! Can't wait to meet Baby Greenawalt in a few short months!

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