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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hynds Belly | Maternity Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Carrie's wonderful big sister, Sheila, purchased a belly session as a Christmas gift.
What an awaesome gift! I would have been estatic if someone gifted me a portrait session.
It's the gift that keeps on giving, for generations to enjoy!

I know a lot of pregnant women do not see a benefit to having maternity portraits taken. Why should I?
I'm only feeling HUGE, my face is broken out thanks to these crazy crazy hormones and trying to find something to wear that fits well and isn't too small my belly is hanging out or so big I look a circus a total chore! So standing in front of a camera is about the last thing I want to do!

Really. You reallllly want to know why you should get belly pictures? Because you are only pregnant with that baby once. Because at this moment, here and now, you truly can not grasp just how beautiful, glowing and in shape you really are. Because only a handful of years from now you will wish you had more images to show your child of them growing in your belly. Because having a blurry cell phone image just does not cut it.

I knew going into the growing a baby thing, that I wanted images of my bump. Not just ones taken in a mirror or with my camera held at arms length (you don't realize how SHORT your arms are until you have a big bump!) I did the leg work of getting it set up and I had three bags of clothes, jewelry and shoes to choose from.  And you know what? I had myself so stressed out about it that by the time the session got here I was exhausted! And my husband did not want any part of being in front of the camera. (His attitude towards picture taking is the bane of my existance, still working on him!)

But I did it. I am SO glad I did. I love those images. I can look at them and it takes me back to the excitement, the anticipation, and of course, the aches and pains! =] (Oooo, and the heart burn, ick!)  


The best part is being able to show the photographs to my baby and say, "Look at Mommy's big belly. That's YOU growing inside there!" and seeing the look of pure awe at something so hard for them to grasp.

And you know after they finally wrap their little heads around a baby growing in Mom's belly,
they will follow it up with some super cute giggles!!  

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