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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meet Liam! | Newborn Photographer Monroe Files Photography

Liam Alexander Moore was born on July 7th at 2:46 AM. Weighing in at 6 pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches long, he is a complete bundle of CUTE!! Erin, you did so good! So proud of you!! Thank you for finally giving me a nephew :D

Aunt Ayren with Liam, cooing over what a cutie he is!

Such a doll! I just want to kiss his button nose he got from his momma!

Loading his pants just for mom. Tee hee.

You would unwrap him and he'd put his legs out like this.
At one point he had his toes curled so hard they turned white.
Such a goof ball! Showing off his "dog tag".
That and the belly button thing looks so uncomfortable. :-/

Two days old! Liam in his "pea pod".
He was happy as a clam in there.
You take him out to feed him or change him and he'd just cry and cry.
You wrap him back in it and he'd sigh.

With his birth certificate. Look at those feeties!

Love. I love Liam. Such a doll baby :)
I am going to warn you all, there will probably be a LOT more photos of Liam as the days pass by! I'm hoping to do a photo shoot with Momma Erin and Liam soon! I can't believe he's here! It seems like just yesterday Erin told me she was pregnant and due in July. But we are all very happy to meet Liam!

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