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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day of Coordinator | Wedding Coordinator Monroe Files Photography

Edit post: I received a few photos of the Bride and Groom on their big day from the MOB! Thank you Mommy Schaf! These two photos were taken by Erin's 82 year old Grandmother, what do you think? Potential photographer on our hands?? :)

Here are some photos from the wedding reception at Brockwayville Depot I coordinated today. Pretty much the lady behind the scenes, I let all of the vendors into the reception site to set up. Made sure everyone showed up on time, helped set up tables, light candles and make sure the slide show was a go before guests arrived! I wish my day job was as much fun as this :)

Congratulations Dan and Erin Williams! May you live and long and happy life.
And as my 90 year old Great Grandpa in law says, "Always say you're sorry."

Married for 66 years, I think he knows what he's talking about! :)

These W cookies looked really good! Uzie's in Brookville.

How stinking cute are the candle abras??
Loving the wine theme!!

Bride and Groom's toasting glasses.

Place cards on the head table.

Head table decor. Before I had the lights plugged in.

Card box, more cuteness!

Guest place settings. That's a LOT of wine corks! :)

All the guests signed this as they came in, instead of the traditional guest book.

Such a cute couple!

A view of the head table, all lit up!

Loving the centerpieces complete with wine!
I love weddings with themes :)

The cake. It's sitting on a wine barrel.
Judy Huey did it again!
Smelled wonderful!

I don't have a picture of the couple on their big day. I got to watch the Groom get his photos done at the church but left once the Bride arrived to set up the reception site. She wasn't dressed yet and running late :(

Thank you Erin, for letting me help on your special day! I had tons of fun! I just love this stuff! :D Have fun on the Honeymoon!!

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Anonymous said...

hey gabby,
mother of the bride here. I just got onto your site to send you a BIG thank you for all you did for us on saturday and lo and behold I see all these beautiful pics you took at the hall. you saved our lives on wedding day, I don't know what we'd have done without you! good seeing you after all these years and good luck on your business ventures, I know you'll do great! thanks again!