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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bob Baronick's Retirement Party | Event Photographer Monroe Files Photography

I've been swamped lately!! Let's get you all up to speed. :)
Thanks to my mother in law, I got the pleasure of taking photos at Bob Baronick's retirement party, June 20th at the Country Club in DuBois. This is my first shot at event photography and turned out to be quite the learning experience. I had a lot of fun shmoozing with the big wigs of S&T Bank. I really enjoyed listening to the speeches and seeing an entire room full of lives that Bob has touch in some way over his many years at the bank.
I know it was very hard for him to leave. Bill had to call and remind him to not show up at the office at 7:30 AM like he usually does, trying to ween everyone off of Bob before he was gone for permanent vacation. :)

Bob's beautiful grand daughters!

Ava was doing her snarl smile :)

I LOVE this photo! Such cuties!

Enjoying the yummy fruit and crackers before the meal begins!

I believe they were talking about how much they would miss Bob :D

Hey! I know that guy on the left! That's my Great Uncle Bill!

Everyone finding a seat before dinner and chatting.

The Baronick's.

The boys of the Baronick bunch!

Jeff and his beautiful twins.

And let the shenanigans begin! Bill Cooper had quite the send off for Bob.
Bill brought a huge gift bag full of items to keep Bob entertained during retirement.
Here we see Bill handing Bob a bottle of Ketchup.
If you know Bob, you know he is a total plain jane, no frills eater. Everything is plain, plain, plain.
"Bob, let me introduce you to Ketchup. And when you get bored with Ketchup, you can graduate to hot sauce." Which Bob also received :)
Who doesn't need a Beaver hat in the heart of DuBois Beavers country?? :P

Bill's speech/presentation did not disappoint! He had quite the slew of goodies in the gift bag, some of which included: Ketchup, hot sauce, gardening magazine with flowers, book entitled "Finding your life's purpose", a NUDIE magazine!, wood working and Bob's favorite...a two night stay at Cooperstown Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Bob with his Cooperstown certificate.

After the speeches, Bob was given many hugs, handshakes and warm wishes.

Love this photo!!
Dan, Bob and Bill

Bob with his sister.

Bob and Penny.

All of Bob's goodies!

Kelly, Ava and Dan.
Congratulations Bob! Job well done and well deserved. Enjoy your retirement and try not to get too bored ok?? :) A person could only hope to touch as many lives has you have during your time working in the DuBois community.

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