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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Kalgren bunch! | Family Photographer Monroe Files Photography

Meet the Kalgren bunch! I had so much fun spending an afternoon playing with babies and kids and "big" kids! I was a little nervous at first...with two fairly newborn babies, two bigger kids, and then the MEN! Men never like getting their picture taken. Really, it's harmless! :)

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate that day. MUCH too chilly for sun dresses and babies to be outside for long periods of time. So we decided to use the downstairs for some family photos. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Gwen loves baby Ava!

So precious!

These were our quick few outside...too sunny and too cold. :-/
But, this is still cute, they look like peas in a pod!

I love babies!!

Proud big Bro and big Sis!

Typical male, always keeping one eye open for trouble!
Such cuties!

Parker was great at making every imaginable face possible :)

Oh boy....look out! Heartbreakers :)

These were too cute, I had to post another!

Parker looks like a cabage patch kid!
I want to take him home! (My hubby would kill me! Haha)

I love Ava's pouty face with pretty doe eyes.

Dan and his beautiful girlies! All pretty in pink...

Joe and his beautiful wife and two handsome boys...who I am sure will be trouble :)

Tooo cute!

Grandpa and his g-kids!

Grandma and her g-kids!

Jo Ann & Kelly, how BLUE are her eyes??

Hot momma's! Holding the wrong kid :)

Oh Amanda...the shenanigans you got in the middle of growing up.
I can only imagine!

Dan and his baby girls.

Joe and his handsome boys.

Thank you for letting me spend a fun filled afternoon with you all! And play with your kids :D

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