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Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet Alanna! | Portfolio Photographer Monroe Files Photography

Alanna contacted me on myspace asking for some photos to start a portfolio. She suggested we hit Parker Dam. I was super excited because I haven't been to Parker Dam in years and it would be a new photography adventure!
I must admit, I was very bummed to see they replaced the play ground and the infamous tire swings. It wasn't a fun day at Parker Dam til you came home with black shins and feet! :D

First stop, play ground!

Next stop, the look out over Parker Dam.

Black & white?

Or color? LOVE Alanna's eyes!

It looks like she's going to fall into water :)

I really like this one...

LOVE LOVE LOVE her eyes!!

Work it girl!

Catching some wind off the Dam.

Yes, we like to play on old rusty construction equipment :P

We made it to the rocks at the bottom of the Dam...
after being warned about a copper head at the bottom of the stairs. NOT so excited about that. But, we survived!

LOVE it!

I had such a blast shooting with Alanna! I have so many faves, I didn't want to bore you all posting every single one of them :) Good luck in your endeavors, and if you need more know where to find me! :D

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