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Monday, June 22, 2009

Jamie & Mike cute B&B wedding | Wedding Photographer Monroe Files Photography

If you remember...I did Jamie and Mike's engagement photos out at Kyle Lake the Wednesday after my wedding. We had so much fun and the leaves were awesome!

Speed ahead 8 months, and Mike & Jamie tied the knot at The Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast.( This cute and charming bed and breakfast is tucked into the South Side of Pittsburgh. I could easily stay there a weekend to kick my feet up and dive into a good book! The food was fabulous and the inn keeper a doll :)
And the shenanigans begin!

Welcome to the Morning Glory Inn!

The isle leading to the wedding ceremony.

A handsome and nervous groom!

Wedding dress loveliness!

The gorgeous bride!

Flowers traveled all the way from DuBois, April's Flowers.

She's looking a bit nervous!

Beautiful :)

Pens win!

The "damage".

Down the isle she comes!
She's definately nervous now!


This one too! I love her grin!

Toasts for the newly weds!

LOVE it!

We had to :)

Work it girl!

A couple of cuties :)

This one makes me smile, too cute!

I love how her earings, necklace and tiara matched the stitching on her gown.

Beautiful bride, Mike's a lucky man!

Another fave!

"Honk for a kiss!"

Hehe, father of the bride. Couldn't resist!

Kisses from Mom

I didn't think Dad wanted to kiss his cheek. :P

More cuties!

They shared an intimate dinner on the balcony.
I snuck up for a photo, shh!

The cake also survived the trip from DuBois, Judy Huey's Sweet Creations.
(and it was yummy too!!)

Grandpa's are the best!

Yeeeaaa, BOI!

Family photo op!

First dance.

Quick dance with Dad.

Photo op on the groom's side.


Hehe more cuteness!

I love this photo!

Thank you for letting me share your special day! I will happily drive to Pittsburgh agian for this! I had a great time and loved to find another secret garden :) May you spend many long happy years together!

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