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Monday, April 11, 2011

Abigail A Birth Story | Birth Story Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

I can't thank the V family enough for letting me share in such an amazing event in their lives! The V family graciously let me be a fly on the wall during the birth of their third daughter, Abigail. I was so excited when they accepted my presense in the delivery room that I couldn't sleep for days! ME! In the delivery room! Photographing...documenting...the birth of a precious life with her whole story ahead of them! And they chose me to help write the first chapter!! *insert happy dance!!*

I know that 99% of the population of women say, "Ew. Why would I want images of myself going through labor? I'm not wearing any make up, I'm sweaty and my hair isn't done!" You know what I say to those mom's to be? How could you not? How could you not want those images? You only carry that child once. You can never carry that same life again or give birth that same little human. EVER. AGAIN. You can not get those days back. And no one said you have to share these photographs. Not everyone is as open as I am. You only have to share what you are comfortable with sharing. =]
This type of photography is to be cherished. Just like snow flakes, giving birth is completely different with each pregnancy, even if it's the same woman giving birth a second time. Each time a baby is born, it's an exciting and nerve racking roller coaster that you only get to experience with that child once.

I am a firm believer that birthing is beautiful and it breaks my heart that there are thousands of women who will never know the pains of labor and would give anything to be pregnant. To carry a child. To grow a human life that is equal parts of yourself and your spouse. Every needle prick, every trip to the bathroom to be sick, all the aches and pains a preggo moans and groans about; those who are barren have spent many nights in tears praying to trade places! We are fortunate to be fruitful. What better way to celebrate our fruitfulness than with priceless images?

Miss Abigail was born at 10:04AM, on Thanksgiving morning. Who has a photo of the clock when their child was born? What little girl who grows up and is pregnant and beginning a family of their own would not love to have these photographs to mull over as she counts down the days to when she will finally deliver? What about your daughter in law? I have never seen a photo of my mother in law pregnant. Not once! I know when I finally find an image of her pregnant with my husband, it will make my heart swell!!

Every photographer has that one image that is THE image from the past year. This is that photograph. How fresh is this baby?? Take a second peak. You will find she is still attached to Mom via the ambilical cord and dripping with amniotic fluid...and I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! Nevermind the fact that Dr. Ott is not hard on the eyes, I am looking at that sweet little squish! As she cries, she's announcing to the world, "I'm here! I made it! Now where is my mother? And who are all these people? I want my Momma!" This is her first photograph. And certainly not the last!  

 Let me just say, that I am so extremely proud of this Momma! After having contractions for what seemed like 2 months or more, she progressed so fast she could not get an epidural. When I first arrived, she was cool as a cucumber announcing this not so fortunate set back and admitted she bawled. A lot. To which I said, I completely understand (!) and I would have cried too!


Every proud Daddy's big moment!

Well deserved too. This Daddy-o spent the night FREEZING waiting for their unborn child to get here. I was in a turtle neck and was quite chilly. The nurses had the air on as cool as they could get it. Just one of those crazy pregnant side affects and you do exactly as Mom wishes =)

I was in complete awe of this little girl. After hours of contractions (or months! according to Mom!) she came SO FAST! The wonderful nurse who gets Mom through the trenches of labor left for a second to get Dr. Ott. Next thing we know, Daddy says, "I can see her PUSH!" and there was not one nurse or Dr. Ott with a glove on and they all run to bed, "NO!! Stop pushing! Wait!" Dr. Ott caught Abigail a split second after getting his gown tied on!
I loooove squishes!! Abbie looks like she's getting strangled, but she's just getting her long sleeves on. She was covered in a ton of vernix because she came through the birth canal so fast! I'm telling you, Mom had one heck of a contraction and she was here like NOW! I'm still amazed. I knew we were close but I don't think any of there was aware just how close to having this baby she was!
=] So precious! Daddy getting his first good look at his new baby girl. There is nothing sweeter than a very proud new Dad. They are just beaming! I have never seen my husband so proud as when he first got to hold Lily and even more so when he gets to show her off. It puts a smile on my face every time!
I just love her curled big toe. They have such cute monkey feet when they are first born! Notice she is already wearing all of her tags. Did you know that the big security tag that makes an alarm go off if they get within so many feet of the exit doorway in maternity is only used once? After that baby's security bracelet is removed it is thrown away and never used again. I bet that gets pretty pricey!
One more of Abbie's cute little tootsies! This is just a small handful of the photos I took. This is the first installment. Stay tuned for the second half when we get into color photos and you can see just how cute this girlie is!

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