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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dew DAHS 2010 | Senior Portraits Monroe Files Photography

I don't know about anyone else but August has FLEW by! It seems like yesterday it was my birthday, I blinked and here we are with 2 days left in August! GOOD GRIEF! I totally lied to myself when I said, "Oh, things will calm down after the wedding." HA. Not so much!
Here are Dew's senior photos! Had such a fun time running around the area and making him do stuff he wasn't very excited to. But it got him some awesome photos!

And he's supposed to wear football pads under that jersey?!

One of my faves!

Posing with the score board.

Off to brown springs! Wasn't prepared to get wet :)

Another fave!!

This one too!

What a cutie !
Something tells me "cutie" probably isn't at the top
of his list of words to describe Dew :)

American Eagle Advertisement if I ever saw one!

Tough guy.

Ah, yes the outhouse. Time for some fun!
"Hurry up in there!"

Another fave! I have lots :)

More photos with the jersey...the black one this time!

Tough guys rock wet pants like no ones biznatch.
Yea, I went there. So what? :)

The end zone stance.
Ready to rock his senior year!

The nonchalant tough guy.

Laid back tough guy.

Serious tough guy.

The train station.
Dew and I were dying to know what was upstairs...

Everything about this photo screams "YUM !"
My fave of the faves for sure!

Besides an outhouse, we found a telephone...

And had more fun :)
Dew, enjoy your senior year to the fullest! It will FLY by! Take lots of pictures of the friends you share this time with, because you never know what the future will bring. I am planning on seeing you in action at Mansell Stadium! And if for some reason the football thing doesn't work out for ya and you want to model, call me! :D


maggiesmom from godubois forum said...

Ring,ring,ring, "Hello?" Hey man is me Jeremy."

Ashhhhh said...

"What do you mean this photo shoot is over? Man, I'm gorgeous..." hahaha