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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dubois Mall Bridal Show

It's hard to believe that year ago I was planning my wedding and excited to go to the bridal show! Here are some pictures from the show!
The following cakes were made by Judy Huey's Sweet Creations of Reynoldsville. She did my wedding cake and it was AWESOME! She sends you a CD with a bunch of cakes she has made in the past. I found a cake design I loved, but the theme was way off. I drew a picture of it and labeled what I wanted where and the color icing. It worked out amazingly! She liked the cake that I designed so much, she made a display one for her Bridal Shows! How COOL is that?!Contact Judy Huey's Sweet Creations: 814-653-2371

There she is ladies!! The cake I designed. It was much larger, to accomodate 315 guests.

I think this cake is super cute!

The HUGE 10 foot by 4 foot cake for the cake dive! It smelled SO good!

This is a little ditty from Affordable Creations of Punxsy. They are special event coordinators/specialty design decorators. Contact: Pat McCorkle 814-618-5113/

The next two pictures are displays you can rent from Elegance and Ivy of Johnsonburg. Cindy and Vicki are AMAZING! I booked them for my wedding and I am so thankful I did! You should go and get a consultation. Their prices are reasonable and they take the stresses out of decorating! PLUS, you don't have to lug anything to the Ceremony and Reception and back again. They do it all! Contact Cindy: 814-965-5052 or Vicki: 814-965-2755

The following cakes were made by Uzi's Pastries of Brookville. Contact Uzi 1-800-913-CAKE or 814-220-0023.

That would be Uzi!

The following dresses are curtesy of Tie the Knot Bridal Shoppe & Formals of Curwensville. 814-236-3550


And my favorite dress of the day!!

I want to take it home!!


Letting the Brides in for the CAKE DIVE!!

Get ready!

And they're off!

Looking for those prizes!

Digging, digging!

The bystanders got cake thrown at's hanging on the ropes!

The carnage on the floor and shoes!

A flower remained intact...then it got stabbed by a stilletto right after I shot this. :)

Stilletto boots took one for the team! All in the name of winning that $900.00 necklace :)

Total cake carnage.

Trying to decide where to clean up first.

And for all you Steelers fans! Get your Steeler party cake from Judy Huey!

This is almost exactly what Scott wore in our wedding. The only difference was the vest. He wore a silk vest to match me! Contact Joe's Tux Shop of DuBois: 814-371-2077

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Wenni Donna said...

Really impressed with cakes, dresses and decorations of the bridal show. My friend is planning her engagement party at one of the lovely New York wedding venues next month. Already referred her this post for creative bridal shopping ideas.