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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bridal Shows/Wedding planning Revised 1/23/09

I recently had an inquiry about planning a wedding. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE too! I just haven't put the thought into action. Now that I know people are curious, I am going to put more effort to turn my idea into the real thing. LOTS of homework on my part, but I am very excited about the whole thing! Right now I am gathering as much information as I can get. This includes (my absolute FAVE!) BRIDAL SHOWS!
So much can be gathered at Bridal Shows/Expos, and if you are a bride you get a load of free stuff and phone calls saying you have won even more. The cake, cookies, chocolate and awesome food you get to try while you are walking around. Love it! One of the best social gatherings (IMO). The last Bridal Show I went to before I becamea Mrs. was Sept. 28th at the Bryce Jordan Center, State College. I scored some Vera...and who doesn't LOVE Vera Bradley!? The stuff that is given away at Bridal Shows is enough to make you at least register...even if you aren't going (but I HIGHLY suggest you go! Gather up the 'maids, girl friend! It's a girl's day out!) maybe I'm a Bridal Show junkie :P
Being the wedding junkie that I am...I have been nice enough to compile a list of Bridal Shows/Expos that are in Dubois and the surrounding areas. Brides, even if the expo is in State College...I suggest you go. A Bridal show isn't just a's an EVENT. They go allll out with all the stops. It's almost too much to take in! Besides, you have the chance to win free stuff. Plus get a bunch of fresh ideas. You want something funky? Guess what. Florists and the like in DuBois won't get the new craze until two years after it's hit the market in the big cities. You want cutting edge in everything wedding, these are the places you want to go to!

  • Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th - DuBois Mall - "How Sweet It Is" Bridal Show. Friday evening is more of the calm before the storm. You want to get there on Saturday at about 12:30-1:00. You will miss some of the rush, but still be able to make it around to see everything. The fashion show starts at 4pm. Make sure you stake out your seat at about 3:15-3:30pm. It gets packed. And chances are good you won't be able to see if you wait til the last second. There will be a prize give away during the fashion show, plus they will be calling names for Brides to do the cake dive...a chance to dig through a HUGE sheet cake for $2,000 in prizes. And the cake smells amazing! Who doesn't like to play with their food? Especially dessert?? More info contact Joe or Tami @ 814-375-2602
  • Sunday 25th - Ramada Inn, State College 11am - 3pm - 3 rooms....yes ladies...3 HUGE rooms packed full of any thing and everything wedding...that you could possibly imagine. Oh...and how about humans modeling the wedding gowns...not maniquens. I modeled a gown last year. TONS of fun! Some booths you won't want to miss out on: Daniel Vaughn Designs, Narbers, Delectable Delights by Heather...and countless others!
  • January 31st through February 1st - Bon Ton Dept. Store, DuBois - Can't say I am totally sure what this is all about, I didn't make it there last year. But I will tell you, when you register at Bon Ton they give you the greatest wedding and gift planner binder stuffed full of wedding organizers, coupons, and other wedding information. This thing is huge. I was quite shocked when I got a call saying my binder was ready for pick up. I was even more shocked when I went and picked it up! Plus...if the total money spent before your wedding (from your registry or by someone who flashes your registry information) reaches $1,000.00 or get gift cards! Who couldn't use a free gift card towards more great stuff to put in the house that will be called "OURS"?? I plan on stopping over at the store to check it out. There are great prizes to be won by the vendors that have a table set up. For more info: Barbara Sherry @ 814-372-2210 ext. 228.
  • January 31st through February 7th - Pat Catan's Craft Stores "An elegant wedding...on a shoe string budget!" - Great ideas for your Ceremony, Reception and everything in between! This is God's gift to DIY Brides! The prices are amazing and the items are SUPER cute! I bought a TON of stuff from Pat Catan's. I am sad to admit that the closet Pat Catan's can be found in Hermitage (5-10 minutes North of Sharon...the place where the Winner is! If you don't know what the Winner is, I advise you Google it!). I want to say there is one in the Pittsburgh area as well.

  • Saturday February 22nd - DuBois Middle School 35th Annual Bridal Expo Doors open at 1:00 - Fashion Show at 3:00PM - This is THE expo of ALL expos in the DuBois Area! If you go, you either go way early before the doors open or you come more on the late side. The lines are long and it's hard to pass people speaking with vendors, if you don't need that vendors service. The set up is other wise very nice and you get to see everything before being filtered into the auditorium for the Fashion Show. If you see the Fashion Show at the Dub Mall, you could skip this one...but if you are a sucker for winning free gotta be present to claim your prize! I won a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses (which is ironic b/c I did not have ANY flowers at my wedding!) and an awesome gift basket full of goodies. I advise you to pre-register!

  • Saturday March 21st - Altoona Area Bridal Expo - Blair County Convention Center 11:00AM - 3:00PM - I have no hints or tips for this one! Never made it there, although I wanted to! I was too busy finishing my college career. :) Here's the link for more information and hopefully I can make it there this year (weather permiting!)
  • Sunday March 22nd - Clarion Holiday Inn Annual Bridal Show - I have never been to this one either, so I have no insight. But hopefully I will make it there to check it out! For more info: 226-8850
If you know of any Bridal Expos I missed that are coming up, please contact me and I will be happy to add them to my list and possibly go and check it out!
Also, make sure you grab a copy of this Sunday's (1/25) Tri-County Sunday/Courier Express newspaper! The Spring Bridal Magazine is in there with great articles and more!
I hope this helps all you Brides out there!
I LOVE comments, and I would love to hear what you think and whether or not I should keep more blogs like this one coming :)

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molly said...

I think you have found your true calling and it's event planning, you have awesome taste and it shows by the way you pick the best of the best when shooting cakes, flowers, etc. If I were getting married I would trust you to pick my stuff out:)