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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dirty Dog | Pet Photography Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Scott and I went home to Rockton last week to visit every one and just enjoy being home. Scott's sister and brother in law are building a house and we went up there to check it out and see the progress. Building a new house is the talk of the town and EVERYONE comes up each night to see what progress has been made.
We took the kids with us since we walked up and were going to take the boys and princess swimming since it was so stinking hot out.
Well, it gets sticky.
So here is a picture of mommy's baby, Jabroni, when he's all nice and clean and he's allowed to kiss me.
This is his dirt beard he likes to show off while daddy is on the field playing softball. And we laugh because he is dirty and he has a leaf hanging off his face.

The little stinker managed to out do himself this time...

When THIS happened!

Oh yea, full back legs out and everything. Look at his tail going a million miles an hour!

He was loving it.

And poor little Maggie didn't understand why she wasn't allowed in it.

What a turd.

Yep, nice and muddy.


Then he had the nerve to walk over to dry dirt and roll in it.

Apparently it tastes good!

And how do you get a dirty dog clean, may you ask??


Swimming at least got all the mud off of him. He had sticks and burrs and spanish needles and grass and leaves and god knows what all else stuck in his fur. He was not a happy one when he had to get a bath outside with the cold water hose!

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