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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Senior Prom | Senior Portraits Photographer Monroe Files Photography DuBois, PA

Senior Prom. The last big "Hoo-rah" before everyone graduates and goes their separate ways.
Oh how I miss getting dressed up and seeing everyone looking sharp! It was always so much fun!
Come and re-live your Senior Prom (much like I did!) vicariously through Nicki and her studly date, Craig.
We managed to sneak a little sunshine through all the thunderstorms!

The cutie couple!

I love the colors and reflection in this one!

A close up of their reflection staring back at them.

One of the FAVES!! How gorgeous is she in that great purple dress!?

I love this photo and the next!

This reminds me of Princess Toadstool. Has to be the poofs in the dress!
.....another one of my faves!!!

I like this one for some reason. :)

Nicki's puppy, Tinkerbell.

I love this face that girls make. I don't know why we do this, but I just love the nose crinkle and the smile :)

In front of the lilac bush.

Close up.

Yes, Miss Tinkerbell is wearing a prom dress. Quite comical! Ok, it was HYSTERICAL! Nicki made it with the extra fabric from getting her gown altered.

We snuck into prom before everyone else got in and trashed the place!

I hope you two had a fabulous night! I enjoyed photographing the evening and reliving all of my high school days! Good luck to you after graduation and may LHU treat you well!!

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