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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fiesta Block Party | Event Photographer Monroe Files Photography

I'm on the promotions committee for the Down Town DuBois First Friday Events. I never made it to one last year (they were on Thursdays last summer) so I was super excited to not only make it to the Fiesta Block Party on May 7th, but also take some photos of the action!
There was a constant line for face painting. I'm surprised the two girls did not have carpel tunnel after all those cheeks and hands went through =)

Marcella informing the audience on her Zumba classes.

The girls from Marcella's classes doing a Zumba presentation.

The girls and guys working it out!

Zumba looks like tons of fun! I am planning on going to a class (or a bunch!) after I am no longer pregnant. It was infectious just watching from the side lines!

You can sign up to win a Mustang being raffled off by Relay for Life...

...or sign up to win a Harley!

My favorite and always a sure sign of summer...Kettle corn!

And this lovely pup hangs out and makes sure customers are behaving =P

Marianne Fyda from Peaceable Kingdom was doing a chalk drawing of the street.

That is all from chalk! My brain sees chalk and thinks hop scotch and flowers.

Dos Hombres was the entertainment for the evening.

She's so cute in her sombrero!

Pinata time! I love her facial expression!

This little one posed for Daddy's camera. TOO cute!

Pinata down!

And the crazy scramble for sugary goodies ensues =)
The next First Friday event is June 4th and the theme is Long Avenue Cafe.
There will be live entertainment and games for the kids!
Come out and see us from 5-8PM on West Long Avenue!

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