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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Eggs!

It's time for our annual Easter installment here at Monroe Files Photography!
Here's last year's post complete with an egg hunt, the pups going swimming and chick pops.
No egg hunt photos this year. It was still on like Donkey Kong but it was COLD and rainy! Call me a wuss, but I stayed in the pavilion and gave out prizes. =) The egg hunt was over and done with in about 8 minutes! Those kids are crazy, but they LOVED every second of it!
After the egg hunt, Jamie and I got down to business: Dying eggs with silk ties! SO COOL! It was tons of fun and super easy. We enjoyed it much more than "the old fashioned way". =)

Two dozen eggs wrapped in silk, ready to be wrapped in a sheet and then boiled for 20 minutes in vinegar water.

Here are the results! SO cool!!

Lovin' the pasiley!

The guys really liked this one. We were amazed by the transfer details!

More paisley goodness!

We had one casualty, it was a paisley one too! =(

Stained glass, swirly goodness!

We even had shapes!

It was like opening presents!

This one was made with a silk scarf. It works just as good!

Here's the other side.

More swirly goodness...

My favorite! I can't get over the detail!

Here's the other side.

I really liked this one too!

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Lara Harris said...

These are gorgeous!