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Monday, February 9, 2009

My wedding details!

Ok, so this is long over due...but better late than never!
The marriage celebration of Scott and Gabby, October 11, 2008!

Phase One Photography of Clearfield was my photographer and videographer of choice!

Us with the Thank you you can't guess what we are using for Thank You cards!

One of my FAVES! By Narrows Creek Bed and Breakfast...where we also stayed on our Wedding Night!

Are you kidding me?! Gorgious! Outside the church after the wedding ceremony. The most beautiful day in October!

My beaded dozen roses bouquet, made by me, an awesome sister in law and mother in law! We are making another for Scott's cousin's wife to be.

I love this photo. I don't remember who took it. Outside the reception waiting for Scott and I.

If you can look past our Roadhouse friends, you will see corn stalks on each side of the stairway, lit pupmkins on the stairs and ice sickle lights with leaves on the entry way above. Clearly these photos are in no order...

The entire Bridal party at the head table! Decor courtesy of Elegance and Ivy of Johnsonburg.

Me and my stinker!!

Two of my favorite people and furkid! I made the leaf bouquet my girls carred down. There were three in red and three in gold. I had a hard time letting those go, they are so pretty!

Sporting his tie that matches his mommy, I made that too!

My flower girl, Izzy and ring bearer, Jabroni. Jamie and I made Izzy's tutu. No sewing required!

The candy bar!! I am so glad I went with the candy bar instead of individual favors. This saved us SO much money! Especially with a guest list a little over 300...and left overs went straight to my belly :) We bought stickers off of ebay that were customized with a clip art (acorns, fall leaves, fall tree, pumpkins...etc.) and then it had our names and wedding date. We slapped those puppies on the bottom of kisses and reese cups. We also bought burgandy and chocolate organza bags for guests to stuff full of all the goodies from the Candy bar. You were greated with it as soon as you walked in the reception and it really wow-ed all the guests!

My awesome cake! I designed with a little help from looking at other cakes. Judy Huey's Sweet Creations....she's so worth it! She liked it so much, she went home and made a display for all the bridal shows! To the right is the toss bouquet I made (NO WAY was I going to toss my beaded roses!) The toss bouquet cost me less than $10.00!

The gift table where our Thank You pumpkin greated guests. This was opposite the candy bar. Greated with candy and leave with a Thank you...doesn't get any better than that! And a second drive by the candy to stuff pockets on the way out :)

Head table with no one there and some of the table decor. If you look closely you will see fall leaves. Those are REAL off the tree leaves! Thanks to my super cool Grammy, she taught me when I was a youngin' how to wax fall leaves. I did a pile and it really pulled everything together on the tables.

All the pumpkins we carved for center pieces! 45 to be exact! Thursday before the wedding we had a pumpkin carving party. Everyone gathered around for some snacks and good fun! The circles were made using different sized drill bits and a hand held drill. The guys were more excited for that part, than just carving pumpkins. The white pumpkins aka Cinderella Pumpkins, were my favorite! They looked lime green inside :D

I had NO pumpkins left at the end of the wedding night. We let guests take them home as souvinears. The orange pumpkins pictured, we tied little bows on them. They flew like hot cakes! They were SO cute! There's more of my waxed leaves too!

Me and my girls! I found the girls' dresses online and instantly fell in love! They flatter everyones body types. And I had requests on what NOT to emphasize! Ordered them over the internet and saved a pile...they were great!

My mom and I. The decor was at the church, I didn't have to bring it!

My sister in law made the boutenears everyone wore. And there's one of my pew bow/florals I had.

Looking down the isle.

My Dad and I. Wish I would have held my bouquet at my waist. But that was the farthest thing from my that little sucker was HEAVY!

Aww...yay! Go us! A look at the topiaries, all church decor for the ceremony is also courtesy of Elegance and Ivy from Johnsonburg.

The new Mr. and Mrs.!!

When you are done coo-ing over my niece, you can oogle over the boutenear close up :P

Another view of the isle.

These guys were on each side of the isle when you first walk into the main room. They were awesome! And my mom's favorite!

View of my dress. I got my dress, veil and head piece, all for UNDER the price of what the dress orginally cost!

Oh yea, besides having that killer candy bar...we also had cookies...LOTS of cookies. This is called: The Cookie Fountain.

I love my tiara!

Us with the cake. Guess what, fondant doesn't cut real well...thus the look on my face. And word of advice, PRACTICE how to hold the cake cutter! We stood up there for a good 60 seconds before deciding on anything!

Eating yummy dinner!

My huge baskets! There were two of these, one on each side of the entrance into the reception. You got a good feeling of what you were in for before putting a foot in the door. This was a group effort and worked out nicely!

I love this photo!

And this one too! I look like a lily pad!

Scott's boutenear. All the grooms' boutenears were beaded. But Scott's matched my bouquet.

Scott joined in on the fun :)
Well kids, there you have it! My wedding day and a gorgeous one at that! I really can't believe it's all over and almost 4 months past us! Crazy! It almost makes me cry. But I have all my wedding stuff at my finger tips, so if I REALLY have to have a wedding fix, it's readily available. :D

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