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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Avoid your dress box!

I read this and thought I would share!
A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided to clean out our garage. Stored on a top shelf was the box containing my wedding dress. As I pulled it down, I wondered what it lookedl ike after 21 years.

After our wedding night I had sent it to the cleaners to be dry cleaned and boxed. It was returned to me with a gold seal across the opening.

I decided to break the seal to check the condition of the dress, hoping no moths had gotten to it.

When I opened the box, there was no wedding dress inside. My husband asked if I had let someone borrow it. "No," I replied, "the box has been sealed all this time."

Then it dawned on me that my dress had never been returned from the cleaners.

I never thought to check inside the box when I got it back. Please pass this on as a warning to future and current brides to check their wedding boxes!

Ladies. I opened my box. My dress was cleaned. I sent it away the day after the wedding (VERY sad day!) and it did not return until the end of January! It was placed inside a box that has a display window, sealed along the edges. That display box was then placed inside a carrying box. I could not wait to open it and see my dress! It was hiding all the days leading up to the wedding and was not in my posession while being cleaned. I opened the carrying box and saw that it was, in fact, my gown (I was starting to worry after waiting over 3 months for my dress to return!). It was all slumped at the bottom in a display box. I then cut the seal so I could tack my dress up to show case the bodice better. Once I was finished, I then sealed the box back up with mailing tape (It's thinner than the tape the cleaners used, but still does the job!). It is now displayed on my dresser and I look at it everyday :)

It's not a sin to break that seal! I am glad I did and I advise you to do the same :) It could save you a lot of heart ache in the long run!

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